Say Hello to Talent Agility

Our unique approach integrates talent and compensation into one cohesive strategy designed to drive business outcomes.

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Say Hello to Talent Agility

Our unique approach integrates talent and compensation into one cohesive strategy designed to drive business outcomes.

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Connecting the Paths

According to Gallup, the top reason employees left their roles during the Great Resignation was “not seeing opportunities for development.” But focusing on development alone is missing a key driver. According to LinkedIn, the number one reason people are leaving their jobs in 2023 is for higher paying jobs. To effectively address these key drivers for resignation, organizations must integrate development opportunities with compensation. Acera helps connect these critical levers to drive greater talent retention, talent agility and value creation for the organization.

By aligning your employees’ skills with the organization’s needs, you can identify and retain critical talent against changing market demands. Creating agile career pathways and paying people for their impact reinforces and rewards their value in the organization.

Widening the Lens of Possibility

What an organization rewards and recognizes communicates what it values. If an organization promotes people or rewards behaviors that do not align with its stated values, employees are left confused about what behaviors are expected and what the organization truly values.

We help our clients connect the dots between talent and compensation strategies, linking them to positive business outcomes. This alignment creates clarity for employees about what the organization truly values. Through this widened lens, the organization can chart new avenues of possibility that lead to business growth.

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Building Value Together

Our experienced team equips you with the strategies, tools, and support to leverage your organization’s talent and compensation strategies. Our collaborative way of working means we’re not delivering our solutions. We’re co-creating your solutions.

Together, we’ll help you gain clarity and confidence to make big decisions that benefit both your employees and the company.

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The Talent Agility Difference

Create compensation strategies that are equitable, sustainable, and fully transparent.

Design and implement job architecture that integrates career pathways and compensation.

Drive growth, value creation, and profitability by helping employees feel valued and part of the organization’s success.

Build talent and compensation strategies that are fair and motivate employees to do what’s best for the organization.

Equip leaders with the clarity and confidence to make people and pay decisions that benefit everyone.


"Carrie Magee is a true partner, consistently bringing forward thought-provoking insights tied to business outcomes."

"I would highly recommend working with her and her team if you want to drive value creation in your talent and pay practices."

Suzanne Hough

"Carrie is so knowledgeable about talent and competitive compensation strategies."

"She is also incredibly insightful and responsive to the challenges I face. I would hire her and her team in a heartbeat to help my organization optimize its talent and pay strategies."

Neeta Salvi

CFO, Global Fortune 100 Automotive Technology Company

"It was a pleasure to work with the Acera team. I greatly appreciated the level of expertise, insights and patience that they brought to our organization."

"Within my former company, we were scattered in terms of compensation philosophy but through Acera’s leadership, together, we built a strong compensation philosophy that aligned with our organizational values and goals. By having a detailed compensation strategy we were able to engage with our people to explain how their contributions fit into the organization and how and why the employee is rewarded. We also gained reliable insight into the market value of our roles as they exist today and how that will continue to evolve through future growth and funding. This will help us make better talent and financial decisions going forward."

Troy Reisner

Chief Financial Officer at Phunware (NASDAQ: PHUN)

"I have known Anne for over 5 years and she has been a collaborative partner for me across multiple organizations—a go to."

"She takes time to truly understand our business situation and human capital needs and approaches every opportunity with openness and creativity. She models excellence and ensures that every deliverable meets high-quality standards and expectations."

Julie Tschida Brown

EVP, Chief People and Culture Officer at Zayo Group

Talent Strategy

Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Talent Agility

Securing the skills your organization needs today and in the future gives you a major competitive advantage. Creating clear career pathways increases talent retention, mobility, and growth for the company and its people.

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Compensation Strategy

Balance the Scales Between Pay and Value Creation

Linking pay to an individual's skills opens new pathways for pay progression. This creates greater pay transparency and gives employees more agency over their compensation.

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